Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Two posts in a day?  Sure, why not.  I feel like sometimes I forget this blog is here.  Then I remember to post a sermon, or my weight, or the focus for this month or next.  

For the month of May I focused on a project.  Sadly, that project has not yet reached completion, but there's still time.  I will not post pictures of this project until it has been completed, wrapped and opened by its intended recipient.  But eventually pictures will go up and in the meantime, I will work on it a bit each day until it's done.  

An additional focus I picket up in April and continued through May was to write a note a day for the season of Easter.  I often take on a practice in Lent or Advent...but Easter morning at the sunrise service, I was inspired by the light of a candle and the gospel message proclaimed by women that I have written a note a day this season to an amazing woman in my life.  As the women at the empty tomb first proclaimed the good news of the resurrection, I too have been inspired, led, taught and nurtured by women who have proclaimed the good news of Christ through word and deed.  

It has been a joy to write a not to a different woman each day.  No doubt, there are more than 50 amazing women in my life, but this is a start.  As I have written these notes, I have held these women in prayer and given thanks to God for their presence in my life. I have to say, it will be strange to not write a note on Sunday.  It's been a holy experience to reach out to different women, to thank them for their friendship and to let them know how they impact my life.  As the season of Easter winds down, I am thankful I stumbled upon this practice.  I should probably thank the Spirit for the inspiration of this practice.  

As June begins tomorrow, it's time to shift my focus.  Yes, I will still be working on May's focus, but I will also turn my attention to finding joy each day.  As much as I wish I could fit more of all sorts of things into each of my days I know I cannot do all things all days, but I know I can do different things  every day that bring me joy.  I may not have time in one day to read, work on a project, play my ukulele, garden, cook, run, bike, have impromptu dance parties, and spend time with friends.  But I do have time each day to do at least one of those things.  At the end of my days, I find myself scrolling Facebook or starting at the TV.  While those are okay things for me, especially as a way to wind down after a full day, I also really enjoy reading and playing my ukulele (and those calluses don't built themselves).  

I will intentionally take time each day to find time and space to do something that brings me joy. Borrowing from my friend, Ing, if pictures are part of this month they will be accompanied with #joywins.  

Because for me, going through things we cannot comprehend, facing situations we cannot understand, and experiencing tragedies are not the only experiences we encounter.  Yes, in the midst of the tough times, we lean on the cross of Christ, because there is no other place to go.  We look for God with us in the muck and mire and we reach out our hands to help others through to the other side. Yet, when you wake up and feel good and know that the day will be a good day, then I chose to seek out joy, to fill my time and space with bouncy music, and activities that feed my heart and soul.  I get that each day will bring something new.  
I get that a day that starts out good may not end that way a day that starts poorly may not stay that way, but I will just see where each day takes me.  I will seek out joy.  I will do things that I know bring joy to me or joy to others.  I will build relationships, I will share light and love.  I will care for others.  I will hold hands.  I will be a place for people to lean.  I will be open to the Spirit in my body and life and reach outward to others to show and share the joy that I find.  

Here's to a joyful June.  

Until the next post...

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