Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 years already?

I began my February newsletter article by quoting the song Watershed by the Indigo Girls.  
I love the line...
And there's always retrospect
(when you're looking back)
To light a clearer path
Every five years or so I look back on my life
And I have a good laugh

I realized I've been at Trinity for 5 years.  Time to look back.  Apparently, the way the article began some folks were worried that I would reflect on the last 5 years and then say....well it's been great, but I'm moving on.  Well, I'm not moving on....I'm so happy at Trinity.  

I keep telling people that I have opportunities to share my passions with the gifts God has given me through service to this congregation and community.   I am truly thankful that my gifts are affirmed in this place and that I have the opportunities to be involved in the lives of the people of Trinity as well as the community of Robesonia as well.  

In this time of reflection and retrospect...I've been thinking about what may happen in the next 5 years (plus).  At Barnes and Nobel this afternoon, I stumbled upon this.  

It's such a cool journal.  I have tried from time to time to journal.  I get into a groove for a while then the habit falls aside.  I think this is a cool way to journal each day.  The book gives you space for one sentence each day. I can handle a sentence a day.  That is completely doable.  Each page has the space for five entries, so this journal will last 5 years.  It'll be easy to look back in 5 years over the adventures, highs and lows and memories.  

Here's to a new daily habit that will probably happen each day as I crawl into bed.  

Today it will be hard to fit the day into one sentence.  It began with a 4 miles run and some pre-bus stop hang out time with my 'niece'.  It involved visits with members in the process of rehabilitation.  There was an afternoon with frozen yogurt, good chats, and a book store.  The day ended with a meeting with our 100 anniversary committee and more opportunities for reflection.  So much happened today.  What a good day.  


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