Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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I've spent the day in prayer, in scripture, in the news and (probably most importantly) in community. 

I tried to wrap my mind around the news from Ferguson as I headed to the gym first thing this morning.  It was hard to clear my mind for yoga, but when I was finally able to, I was thankful for a moment of peace and focus. 

Because then I hit the elliptical and kept seeing headlines and images splattered across the TV screens.  With no volume I was thankful to chat with folks around me about other things.  The images of riots brought tears to my eyes.  They frighten me.  I am scared when people act out of anger and fear in ways that do harm to people or places.

The community of people I know at the gym were a light in the darkness this morning. 

As I ran simple errands, I gave thanks to God that stores were open, that I felt safe in my community and that I could have a long conversation with the woman who lives on the farm where I buy my produce spring through fall.  We talked about Thanksgiving plans with our families and potential travels.  The farm stand closes up tomorrow...and I will drive by through the winter...eagerly awaiting the reopening in the spring. 

The woman at the farm, her family and their livelihood was a light in the darkness this morning. 

As I did some reading and preparation the sermon this weekend, I was thankful that we are entering into the season of Advent.  A time when we acknowledge the darkness, yet await the coming of the light that breaks into the darkness knowing that the darkness cannot comprehend it.  Yet in the midst of the waiting, we also look for the glimpses of light we see in our homes, in our lives, in our communities and in our world this and every day. 

The joys of preaching bring with it the proclamation of good news. 

The challenges of preaching bring with it how we as a people of faith live our lives in a broken, hurting world, fighting injustices, giving a voice to the voiceless, and loving our neighbor (and our enemy) as ourselves. 

How do we as people of faith watch and wait? 

How do we as a people of faith respond to injustice?  Violence? Pain?  Hatred?  Fear? 

May the light of Christ shine in your midst this day. 

Gracious God,
You hold us in the palm of your hand.
Don't drop us.

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