Friday, March 14, 2014

140.8 (not that it matters)

I weighed in yesterday....a fraction of a pound more than last week, but it doesn't matter.  My goal is to stay under 145.  Since I'm pretty close to last week, I'm going to maintain my current calorie guide and see how this week goes.  Granted, there are car bomb pancakes, car bomb cupcakes and corned beef and cabbage in my future, but it should be just fine.

My body seems okay with a little splurge from time to time and the random day off from working out, too.
I finished reading Food for Life this week.  While several things stuck out for me as I read, I was really struck by the idea of 'time pollution.'  Yup, time pollution.  Throughout the book, Jung writes about how food and sharing it is a gift from God and it should be something that brings us joy.  Yet living in such a face paced society, we barely slow down to sit and savor food, let alone all the other things we do every day.  It's as if our time is polluted.  It's too full of activities, chores, work, school, hobbies, family, name it.  As soon as you start thinking about all the things that fill your day, it's all too easy to become overwhelmed.  Our time is polluted.  And when we think about how full our time is, we begin to worry about how much of it that we have, and then we find ourselves slipping into seeing the time that surrounds us as something that is in scarcity, rather than abundance. I know, we do have a limited time here on earth.  Living through the season of Lent with both young and old facing terminal illnesses...I'm aware that we will not be here forever.  I get that.  But, the time we have with one another can be seen as something we have in abundance.  Even those facing death sooner than others...take time each day to just stop.  To just do one thing at a time.  Stop the multitasking, stop the cramming of one more thing in....and just be, either on your own (if you need the space) or with family.  Preferably around a meal table.  Take time to be engaged with one another, to see the blessing and abundance of time and food in your life and give thanks to God.  Then be together....cry, laugh, whatever is best for you....but just celebrate that time together.

On a completely different note, I received a few complements in the past week from different folks at the gym who have noticed my weight loss.  It's felt good...not just the complements, but also the support from my gym community.  The folks at LJs Fitness have been super supportive and encouraging as I've been on this weight loss journey.  While they did not know about my weight loss plan that began in December, they have continued to encourage me to try new things and keep up the good work.  (You'll get a gentle ribbing if you've been away for a while, but it's all in good fun.)
I may have treated them to some car bomb cupcakes today. :)  And we'll all work them off in the next few days.

I'll be starting Sharing Food tomorrow.  (I haven't been reading everyday...but I'm trying.)  I'm also trying to blog more about what I'm reading....we'll see how that goes with this new read.

But until then, enjoy your time, your loved ones and yourself.

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