Monday, August 1, 2011

Kingdom moment.

So, just a quick post...but a very cool ministry moment. 

I was walking home from a meeting at church and there were some kids hanging out at the church.  A few of them were down near the preschool entrance, so I asked if everything was okay.  They said, one of them was upset, so he was walking away.  I said, yeah, that's a good thing.  I said, just making sure everything is okay.  As I walked away I could hear them echoing me saying 'okay'.  Then one of them said, "That's Pastor Jen."

One of the kids comes to Overtime, where relationships are being built, where community is strengthened, where we begin to see others, and we begin to see how our neighbors are a part of our lives and how we are called to care for one another.

I heard the kingdom breaking in as that boy told his friends who I was.  He helped bridge the gap between the community and the church.  God's name be praised.


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